Healthy Bikini Diet
Healthy Bikini Diet
November 7, 2016
Master-Of-Ceremonies (MC/ Emcee/ Host/ Anchor)
Master-Of-Ceremonies (MC/ Emcee/ Host/ Anchor)
November 17, 2016

Tips to be a good speaker

Tips to be a good speaker

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  1. Get your knowledge on the topic – Do your research completely
    Remember: ‘Knowledge is power’ – The more one has information on the topic it will help the speaker to present the speech confidently.
  2. Write what you want to speak about
    Choose a topic & start on that particular topic.
  3. Practice the speech everyday

Eventually, doing this repeatedly can help you cope with the fear of public speaking and will make you a fluent speaker.

For beginners:

  1. Pick a topic of your choice everyday or at least once a week.
  2. Write on the topic / Keep it short
  3. Memorize the speechThe best way to memorize the speech is to understand what is to be memorized and remember the important points or words and start framing those lines in your mind, this process will take some time but as the days go on, one can learn the technique to get impromptu on stage.
  4. Practice in front of the mirror preferably looking into your eyes & then slowing looking in the edges & sides of the mirror at your eye’s height.
    (If you are picking one topic per week then recite the memorized speech everyday till you pick a new topic)
    Good luck!! Do let me know your progress.