Simple tips to improve communication
Simple tips to improve communication
November 28, 2017
Dad's Instagram about hotel carpets earns half a million followers in a week
Dad’s Instagram about hotel carpets earns half a million followers in a week
December 4, 2017

Unleash the master within

Unleash the master within

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Passion is the thing that will help you create the highest expression of your talent – Larry Smith, TEXx November 2011

A good presentation can make people remember the presenter and bring smiles on their faces. Thus, to become a good presenter we need to dig deep to indentify our unique and meaningful connection to the presentation topic. Passion leads to mastery and a presentation without passion is nothing without it.

Why it works: Science shows that passion is contagious. You cannot inspire others, unless you are inspired yourself. You stand a much greater chance of persuading and inspiring your listeners if you express an enthusiastic, passionate and meaningful connection to your topic.

We need to ask ourselves, What makes my heart sing? We need to understand, Passion is not a passing interest or even a hobby. A passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity. Once you identify what your passion is, can you say it influences your daily activities? Can you incorporate into what you do professionally?

Your true passion should be the subject of your communications and will serve to truly inspire your audience.

Once you figure out what your passion is, then, take courage to follow your dreams.

Good luck!! Stay Passionate.