The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality
The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality
March 11, 2017
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It Didn’t Last Forever, Was it love
March 20, 2017

The Secret of Attraction

The Secret of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction and positive thinking have become buzz words in the self-help industry. But the real secret of attraction is something that few people discuss. With popular self-help books such as The Secret and Think and Grow Rich, a lot of attention has gone to the importance of thought in manifesting your reality, specifically in regards to finances.

In fact, The Secret focuses almost solely on thought, emphasizing the importance of clearly visualizing what it is you want to create or bring into your life and maintaining positive emotions such as gratitude and unwavering belief that you will receive the thing you are attempting to manifest.

The way you think is important. If you have a pessimistic viewpoint or believe that good things are simply not possible for you, it is unlikely that you will feel happy or fulfilled in life. Visualization has proven to be a very effective tool. Sports teams and athletes will use visualization to help improve performance and increase confidence in the game. In fact, athletes who practiced only in their minds showed improvement on the court. However, athletes who physically practiced their skill showed even more improvement.

If we stick with the example of athletic skill, the law of attraction tells you to visualize and ask the Universe for the skill that you want to develop and to be grateful for the skills you have now. While I’m not discounting the value of these tools or the positive mindset, you will never achieve your athletic goals (or any other dreams) without getting out there and playing the game.

So, how can we take the law of attraction and make it an effective tool?

Secret of Attraction: Clarity

First, be very clear about what you want in your visualizations. If you want to attract wealth, decide what wealth means to you. Is wealth reaching a high net worth? Is wealth a specific monthly income? Is it being debt-free? Wealth means something different to each person, so start by being very clear about what it is that you want. And remember, the law of attraction is about much more than money. It can be used to develop skills, create better relationships and improve health.

Once you are clear about what you want, visualize how it will feel to have that thing. Make sure to calm your mind and remove yourself from worry and stress. If you visualize what you want with the energy of worry and stress, you are communicating that you do not believe you will ever receive what you are asking for and cancel out your request.

Secret of Attraction: Take Action!

Thought and clarity is important, but you will not build an empire by sitting on your couch. Don’t worry about knowing all of the steps that you need to take to get to your goal. Once you are clear about what it is that you want to attract in your life, the next step should be clear to you.

If you want a better job, maybe your next step is to reach out to some business contacts, review the job classifieds or send our resumes. If you want to develop a skill, the next step may be to find a class, personal coach or mentor. The more action you take, the faster you will attract what you want to you.

The Law of Attraction offers valuable tools and a foundation for understanding of how the emotions you project into the Universe help to create your reality. Take the tools of visualization and a positive mindset and use them as a springboard to go out into the world and create the things you desire in this life.