• Shiv Shivakumar

    Reena D'Souza — Ace Compere

    Last week we had the Ultratech Birla White annual eco system partner meet in Gold Coast Australia. This is a marquee event for the company where the best eco system partners with their families come to enthusiastically receive their awards. Reena D'Souza was the compere and she was fantastic in the way she conducted the meeting. No praise can be high for her effort. There were six things that stood out for me in the way Reena D'Souza compered the evening for Ultratech Birla White:

    1. Reena was thorough and well prepared, she had detailed notes for the event flow and had done her homework on all aspects of the company, the business and the key company personnel. This helped her connect quickly with the team. I felt this was half the job done and she had everyone's respect right from the first minute.

    2. Reena is multilingual. She knows at least six to seven languages and this helped her connect with our eco system partners from across the country. She had the right expressions and the right topical issue in the state/language, which she used as and when the concerned awardee walked onto the stage. This helped bring a smile to the awardee and put the families at ease.

    3. Reena is versatile, there is no topic she is not familiar with or have a comment about. Reena was good with movies, with cricket, with current topics etc. This kept the audience fully engaged and built a huge sense of family in the room with her effortless compering. Apart from being versatile, she is quick witted and was able to keep the audience enthralled.

    4. Reena is spontaneous which is crucial for an awards event. She enthused the awardees with her on the spot gestures. For example, she delighted the audience by her spontaneity with the women and children in the room. Reena also made senior managers dance to her tune and deliver punchy Bollywood dialogues which endeared her to the rank and file.

    5. Reena managed time well and managed the event by the minute. She didn't let things drag at any point of time in the event. This helped keep the energy at the right high level and people were glued to their chairs rather than stay outside the hall. She got the awardees line up and sequence working like clockwork.

    6. Reena has excellent presence. She has the perfect combination of charisma, language, diction, all with a pleasant winning demeanor.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Reena as a compere par excellence.

    Shiv Shivakumar
    Group Executive President- Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla Group
  • Mini

    Ms. Reena D'souza was shortlisted as an Emcee for our Annual day celebrations in 2015. In my 18 years of HR experience and organizing experience of large employee get together's Reena will be my first choice and here's why I will strongly recommend her for any anchoring.

    Employees still talk about the beautiful, charismatic Reena and the words, multilingual, very talented, effortless connect with people are always associated with her name. I wish Reena the very best and am sure she will go a long way beyond just Anchoring BECAUSE she is indeed multi-talented.

    Head of HR Methode Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • Murali

    It was amazing to have you for our Annual Event.My Entire Team seriously felt that Calling you for Event was the Best part of it. You maintained an Excellent energy and enthusiasm throughout the function and that kept the event going on and ON!!!!

    It was fruitful to see you having an Excellent command over multiple languages and also Easy understanding of Each performance. Your Encouragement for Each performer on stage brought a BIG Smile on their Face and got the Crowd of 250+ rolling with Loud sound of clapping.